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Geo Scanner


!Image of the Geo Scanner block

The Geo Scanner provides information about blocks around it and the chunk of that it is in.

The Geo scanner has a delay between scans, so you must wait until you can scan again.

Peripheral Name Interfaces with Has events Introduced in
geoScanner Blocks No 0.7r



getFuelLevel() -> number

Returns the amount of stored fuel.


getMaxFuelLevel() -> number

Returns the maximum amount of possible stored fuel.


cost(radius: number) -> number

Returns the cost in FE for a scan with the given radius.


scan(radius: number) -> table | nil, string

Returns a list of data about all blocks in the radius. Or if the scan fails it returns nil and an error message.

Block Properties

block Description
name: string The registry name of the block
tags: table A list of block tags
x: number The block's x coordinate
y: number The block's y coordinate
z: number The block's z coordinate


getScanCooldown() -> number

Returns the current time remaining until then next scan() can be ran.


chunkAnalyze() -> table | nil, reason

Returns a table of data about how many of each ore type is in the block's chunk. Or if the analyze fails it returns nil and an error message.


Added Geo Scanner peripheral.