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Turtles: Cooldowns and Fuel consumption

For information on the different types of cooldowns and operations that a turtle may have see the Automatas:

All world changing operations will consume turtle fuel (unless it is disabled in the CC:Tweaked configuration). Most of these operations have cooldowns, so you should consider this in your code. Hopefully, every active cooldown can be retrieved via peripheral methods.

Consumption vs Cooldowns

Higher fuel consumption rate will reduce operation cooldowns, but obviously will increase the consumption of fuel. For example, if a click operation required 1 fuel point to perform and has a 5 second cooldown; with a fuel consumption rate of 2 you can perform a click operation every 2.5 seconds, but at the cost of 2 fuel points.

Maximum fuel consumption

However, fuel consumption rate is not so simple! Every mechanic soul has a max fuel consumption limitation, that can be retrieved via the getConfiguration() method.

Fuel point usage

Also, the number of required fuel points increases faster than fuel consumption for every reduction in cooldowns. Fuel consumption 3 requires 4 fuel points, fuel consumption 4 requires 6 fuel points, etc.